Motorcycle Insurance

Eleven percent of all roadway accidents in the United States involve motorcycles. With so many risk factors, including other drivers, it’s imperative that you and your motorcycle are protected. Prestige Insurance provides Florida motorcycle insurance options to Lee County and Collier County residents that are affordable and include the coverage options that want.

If your motorcycle is stolen, damaged, or you find yourself in an accident that totals your motorcycle and injures you or another victim, motorcycle insurance will help cover the costs. There are many programs you can choose from for your coverage, as well as discounts depending on your circumstances.

If you are involved in a motorcycle accident, insurance can provide coverage for your motorcycle, your injuries and the injuries to others. It can also cover if your motorcycle is stolen or damaged. Price is determined by more than just the level of coverage you seek. There are several factors, including:

  • Your Driving Record
  • Your Age
  • Riding Experience
  • Motorcycle Association Memberships
  • Where You Live
  • Year, Make and Model of Bike

Contact one of our knowledgeable and professional insurance agents at (239) 263-3455 or fill out a quote form to receive more information on how Prestige Insurance can help you.